Complete digital solution for doctors and patients

Complete digital solution for doctors and patients, with integrated payment system for calls and remote diagnosis


For a private medical clinic, we have developed a complete custom software solution that features:

  • A web application with access for the superadmin, doctors and patients, with integrated payment system for billing and invoicing,
  • iOS mobile app,
  • Android mobile app,
  • Additional Android mobile app which enables doctors to receive calls and bill them,
  • Promotional website.

The software has integrated phone calls, phone central, fixed and mobile numbers via SIP protocol. Patients can reach doctors 0-24.


Discovery phase, strategic planning and solution architecture design
Development of web and mobile apps, back-office, phone and payment system integration
Extensive testing and QA before launch. After launch: Continuous support and maintenance.
How it works

This solution was primarily developed for doctors who are pediatrics specialists and parents who need immediate access to their services.

The software works like this:

1. The end user (parent) downloads the mobile app.
2. The mobile app serves as a diary where parents can insert information about their child’s weight, when the first tooth appeared, when vaccinations occured, etc.
3. They can call their pediatrician from within the mobile app. The integrated VoIP solution allows them to call the doctor directly to her or his mobile phone.
4. After the conversation/consultation is over, the doctor hangs up. The mobile app asks him or her whether this call should be billed. If yes, the app creates the invoice and the parent is charged via credit card.

The second type of service:

Parent can send a short message to the doctor, without attached files. The doctor responds. After the exchange of messages has been finished, the billing can be done.

The most expensive option was for the parent to send a long message (without limitation) with attached files, images, child’s medical history, to the doctor. The exchange of messages is done once the parent is satisfied. Once again, billing and invoicing can be done.

The doctor can access the service via the web application too, because it’s easier to type and view files on a bigger screen. She or he can see all their patients either through the web or mobile app.

The software solution has an integrated notification system. If the doctor forgets to charge the parent for the consultation, the mobile app sends an alert and asks the doctor to check if the call or message exchange should be billed or not.

Mom holding baby speaks with doctor over phone and using web app
Complete digital solution development

2 back-end developers

2 front-end developers

2 mobile developers

1 project manager

1 product owner

1 software architect


Java Android, iOS, Phalcon Framework, SIP Protocol



Medical doctor using mobile app