Website strategy template

The website strategy template that you are about to download has been refined over 15 years.

Time and again, it has proven to be the best approach to building websites. Technologies may change, but the core tenets remain the same.

This template should be used before any single line of code or pixel has been created for your or your client’s website.

Set aside at least 45-60 minutes for it.

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Website strategy template benefits

7 easy steps:
You and your business (or your client’s) – know exactly who you are building the website for
Industry and niche – see how the website must be positioned within your sector to reap the maximum benefits
Target audience – research who are the visitors who will come to your website and what are their needs
Features and benefits – how to discover what information about your products and services should be on your website
Sharp focus – define your website goals, user needs, website structure, functionality and more
The content of your website – how to make it SEO-ready and what to pay attention to
Design, UX and UI – how to convey the look and feel that best reflects your offer
You'll avoid:
Misunderstandings – you will build a website laser-targeted for its owner and its visitors
Endless design changes and iterations – defining everything in the website strategy template will set things up properly, right from the start
Additional costs – you will see how to make the website’s content audience-ready and SEO-ready so that you don’t have to do it later and spend more money
Losing time – if you do every step properly, you won’t have to backtrack and fill in any missing information later
Missing features and functionalities – see from the very beginning what must be launched immediately and what can wait until the next upgrade of the website
Frustration – understand how the website strategy process really works and see the big picture when planning and building your website

Why did we create it?

We have years of experience in building websites. During this time, we have seen what works and what doesn’t. Much time was spent redesigning and adding functionalities that weren’t foreseen at the outset. This led to lot of frustration.

After lots of trial and error, we have created a bulletproof way of building websites.

To create a proper website that will satisfy both its owner and its visitors, a specific process must be followed:

Website strategy

This is a step-by-step process that yields amazing results.

The final product is a website that achieves business goals and delights visitors.

And now, we want to share our template for this process with you so that you can hit the ground running!

Website strategy template helps you build a successful website