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  • Wows visitors?


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Apply strategic website design and get results

Your website will convert visitors into leads and customers if it loads fast, connects with your audience instantly and has a wow factor.


Website strategy is the first step taken when redesigning your website. We want to know the purpose of your business and your audience’s problems. Both your goals and visitor needs must be fulfilled in order for you to have a profitable website. That’s why a solid website strategy is far more valuable then having a talented designer. The main problem with most web designers and developers is that they don’t think like a business owner does.


Content is the foundation of every successful website. Your website should help and educate your visitors. On the Web, we are all looking for information, whether it’s to solve a problem or fulfill a wish (buy something). Most websites are built with design in mind, while it comes last. Website design should support and reinforce your content.


Design isn’t just about the looks. Yes, it’s crucial in providing the first impression. But usability and conversion must precede beauty. A beautiful website is worthless if it’s difficult to use and doesn’t convert visitors to customers. That’s why it should load fast, be user-friendly and designed for conversion, first and foremost.


User behavior tracking is key to goal achievement. That’s why businesses which continually improve their website are achieving the most. All decisions to change content, functionality and design should be data-driven. This is done through visitor tracking, metrics analysis and A/B testing.

Dr. Vesna Gall, MD

Thanks to the guys from Flipkod, the number of clients of our polyclinic just exploded! I was amazed at the difference our website redesign made.

Dr. Vesna Gall, MD

Fenix Polyclinic

What are your website's needs?

Your website may need just some of the design services we offer. Choose what you need right now, although we recommend a holistic approach.

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Strategic web design

  • Current website audit
  • Website strategy development
  • Content strategy development
  • Web design for converting visitors into leads and customers
  • Responsive website for mobile and desktop devices
  • Great user experience-driven design
  • Contact forms, calls to action and pop-ups for attracting leads and customers
  • Trust signals for increased conversion rate
  • Landing page building and optimisation

Conversion optimization

  • Technical SEO website setup
  • On-Site SEO with keyword research
  • Off-Site SEO strategy and consulting
  • Local SEO for increased traffic and leads from your area
  • Speed optimisation for fast loading times
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Visitor tracking and behavior analysis tools setup
  • Conversion rate optimisation with A/B testing, multivariate testing
  • Metrics and data analysis with conclusions and recommendations

Website development

  • WordPress or Craft CMS website design and development
  • Content management system (CMS), easy to use
  • 3rd party services integration
  • CRM integration
  • Website hosting
  • Senior experts matched with your online business goals
  • Continuous support and website improvement
  • Content marketing consulting
  • Digital transformation consulting

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