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Looking for a bespoke eCommerce solution?
See what we can offer you:


If you are interested in a custom eCommerce website solution, here is what we offer you:

eCommerce website strategy and consulting
Rock-solid back-office with functionalities and options that your business needs, no unnecessary features.
CRM and ERP integration provided on demand
Import of existing product inventory, database migration on demand
Secure payment gateway integration
Speed-optimized pages for fast loading times
Custom eCommerce website design, with your brand in mind
Responsive design: Your online store functioning across all devices and screen sizes
SEO ready: Category and product structure built with search engines in mind
Star-rating system and social sharing buttons
Automatic related products display
Featured products, promotions and discounts on homepage, category pages or specific product pages
Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console integration for tracking your visitor and customer behaviour
A/B testing, split testing and multivariate testing to improve your web shop’s design efficiency
CRO – conversion rate optimisation – increase the number of visitors who become customers
Continuous maintenance and support with on-demand upgrades. Scalability and modularity are built in your eCommerce website right from the start
Why choose a custom eCommerce solution?
Made for you
Only the features and functionality that YOU need. Your business is unique, with specific needs, and so will be your eCommerce solution.
Stability and security
Bespoke eCommerce software is far more stable and secure than mass-market solutions.
On-demand upgrades
Upgrades are made according to your wishes. Everything is planned and tested before deployment.
After-sales support
We want to develop a long-term business partnership with you. That's why you'll get unmatched support and maintenance.
No hidden fees
The eCommerce solutions that we develop have no subscription or hidden fees. Everything will be clearly specified in the contract.
Easy adoption
Your eCommerce back-office will be simple and easy to manage. The interface will be uncluttered and clear. No unexpected update will change that.
Need more proof?
Read our blog post about bespoke software advantages and disadvantages.


See our process of custom eCommerce website development:

1. Discovery phase
We start together, to lay down the strategy for your eCommerce website development. We want to hear about your business and your daily challenges. We are not only developers, but also IT consultants with business experience.
2. Product inventory
Based on your product inventory, we will build the optimal structure for your eCommerce website. This is important not only for navigation, but also for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This will be the foundation of your online store.
3. UX/UI Design
Our designers will create custom designs for your online store, which will be both easy to use and beautiful. The focus is on conversion - getting your website visitors to click and buy your products. Your brand will be ingrained in the design.
4. Development
You will have a custom-developed back-office for your eCommerce website. This means no unnecessary features - only what you need. Modularity and scalability are built-in, so that you are ready to grow and expand your online shop.
5. Product import
All your products with their features, images, descriptions and content are imported into the database. Everything is placed according to the structure that we defined in the first two steps. You will be able to modify, add or delete any of the products once the website is launched.
6. Education
Once the eCommerce website is finished and ready to be launched, we will provide you with all the instructions and tutorials on its use. This will be easy, because it is tailor-made for you and your business. Using our software is simple and straightforward.
7. Website launch
Your eCommerce website is launched. We do quality assurance and testing throughout the design and development process. But once your store is live, this is especially important. Not only the back-office and store front functionality, but also performance, like loading speed.
8. Support
We will provide you continuous support, to ensure not only that your eCommerce website functions seamlessly, but also that you can upgrade it as you see fit. With the expanding customer base, the need for new features and functionalities will show up.

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A word from our CEO


We strongly believe that every good relationship, both business and personal, is based on respect. We respect you and we respect your money. We are conscious of the time, effort and resources that you have put into your business. Your success is our success. This is why we want to develop a long-term business partnership with you.