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Onshore nearshore offshore

Differences between onshore vs nearshore vs offshore software development and how to choose correctly

Software development outsourcing is a big topic. In fact, it’s huge. Last year, 27 million people across the world were software developers. This figure is expected to swell to...

12 things to keep in mind when hiring web developers

12 things to keep in mind when hiring web developers

"This is not what I paid for!" You don’t want to say these words. Ever. But they are heard only too often in the world of web development. Sometimes the blame lies with the developers and sometimes it lies with you. It is often a mix of...

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Case study: Fenix Polyclinic website – local SEO and CRO success

In this article, you will see how to create a website that will reap success. You’ll have a behind the scenes look at how local SEO was used to generate organic traffic and CRO (conversion rate optimisation) to convert users into leads and customers. All shown through real-life examples.

Why most websites fail

Why most websites fail: The ultimate definitive numbered list of reasons

If your website has any one of the ills listed here, it will fail. Some will cause your website to fail instantly, while others will cause a slow, agonising death.

How to write killer tutorials that bring massive traffic

How to write killer tutorials that bring massive traffic

How do you write a killer tutorial that stands out and brings traffic to your website? You must be highly skilled in your niche. You must have a desire to help others. You must write a tutorial that is way much better then the ones which appear on the first page...

Website strategy, planning and creation resources: The definitive list

Website strategy, planning and creation resources: the definitive list

I wish I had this list when I started out in web design more than 20 years ago. Most resource pages for web designers and digital marketers concentrate either on web design tools or content creation techniques...

Website strategy

Website strategy: the ultimate guide to building websites

What is Website strategy? Website strategy is the process of building websites that helps you achieve your business goals and meet your users’ needs...

CRM consultancy

CRM consultancy: why it’s better to hire a CRM consultant than a software developer

Searching for the right CRM solution can be a complex task. Amongst other things, you need to evaulate if the CRM software of your choosing will solve: Contact, management, Lead tracking, Sales automation...

Bespoke software advantages

Bespoke software: what it is, its advantages

What is bespoke software? Bespoke software is custom-made software. It is developed for one client only, to solve their specific business challenges. It is the opposite of mass-market, off-the-shelf...